Apr 12

Cold Princess




“B**ch, move.”




“Are you deaf? MOVE!”



The b**ch stood up and move. She should be scared of me. Everybody should. Once I say a word, people should obey me. I’m great, powerful. B**cher than all the b**ches.

Every eye on the cafe was on me, watching every move I make. They’re giving it me, the thing I want. ATTENTION.
I’m cold. The way I speak, the way I act. Every move I make is cold. You can defy me a cold-hearted gal who haves fun when using a bitch as a punching bag, not reminding myself that it’s a person. I love to fight. All I do is fight, jam, drink, have fun. I don’t have friends. I once had, but she turnes me down. That was years ago, when I was weak.

Yes, there’s a reason behind this cold mask of mine. A reason that changed me. I though being kind all the time will give me great and true people around me, but it was just a hunch.
See, I changed I alot. Thanks to those b**ches and a**holes that made fun of me, that looked down at me. Now, I’ll make them feel the sweet taste of revenge. The what-you-so-called weak nerd came back. Not as the old one, but as the new one. The Cold Princess. 


Author’s Note:
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