Nov 20

When I meet my Lover


Koo Hye Sun – Janine Batungbakal/Annie

Kim Bum – Benjamin Roxas/Janine’s BestfriendLee Min Ho – Tyler James Marigal/TJ

Lee Hee Young – Mrs. Lea Madrigal/Business Woman/Mother of Tyler

Lee Min Jung – Stephannie Montero/ Close Friend of Tyler


Paano kung nakita mo na ang iyong love of your life at hindi mo namamalayan na kaharap mo na siya ngayon.? Ano gagawin niyo?

Author’s note

Sa second page pa yung Chapter 1… pacenxa na..

Feb 11

No more than Just Friends

"Just friends,... OK?"

Ever came to the point in love with a close friend. Then you came to a point of expressing them but rejected since you’re only considered as a friend. People who experienced this has have fallen into the friend zone.
Friend Zone–Sound like some friendship club huh? But it isn’t used on that. We’re talking on a situation when one falls in love with a close friend as the other can’t love back since a friendship has only been established.

This article also contains a story of my personal experience during my school days when I got into this unwanted area.

Into the Friend Zone