Pinoy Publisher Guidelines

As being a member of Pinoy Publishers, users should be responsible for any content provided on the website.

Any violations to the rules would be  warnings, suspension of posts and membership depending to gravity of offense:

  • No profane language
  • No post should contain defamation to any individual, business, government, etc..  
  • Do not post sexually explicit images or topics
  • Every posts must contain no more than 1 link. When featuring a lens or website, only one link should be included along with your review. Links are recommended to open in a new window when clicked. 
  • Tags should be relevant to posts
  • No Advertising. Affiliate links, fan pages, or subscription links are not allowed on posts. Link should be relevant to topic of post. You will however be given a chance to post them on your profile page (under development)
  • Respect All Users. Members should respect fellow members as well as guest users
The rules mentioned may vary from time to time depending on the situation that arises.