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Feb 11

No more than Just Friends

"Just friends,... OK?"

Ever came to the point in love with a close friend. Then you came to a point of expressing them but rejected since you’re only considered as a friend. People who experienced this has have fallen into the friend zone.
Friend Zone–Sound like some friendship club huh? But it isn’t used on that. We’re talking on a situation when one falls in love with a close friend as the other can’t love back since a friendship has only been established.

This article also contains a story of my personal experience during my school days when I got into this unwanted area.

Into the Friend Zone

Nov 24

Getting to Know WordPress

WordPress is an open source blogging platform. Open source because you can download it with it’s source code as well.  It can also be used as a content management system, a way of building contents of a website since WordPress gives the users the capabilities to create pages and install plugins.

Here we’ll be discussing on some of the basic features of WordPress.

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Nov 21

Pinoy Pubcast Episode 1

This is our episode one, the phantom menace.. no actually it’s just an introductory message about this site. It’s kinda short so I hope you could take a little time to listen. It’s more like a calling to Pinoy Publishers out there. You can also send us your audio log if you also like to be heard. But we’re planning to post more of these and I hope the next ones would be better.

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Nov 21

Getting Cheesy?

“May kilala ka bang gumagawa ng sirang relo? Sira ata ang relo ko eh… kasi parang tumitigil ang oras pag kasama kita”

Cheesy Lines are quotations used to impress someone being courted. Something like pickup lines but I believe cheesy lines are supposed to be for courting not for “pickup”.

Most Filipinos today enjoy reading stuffs like these while others boldy use them. It’s a risky thing since you’re likely to get embarrassed (if the person heard it before) or get impressed if things go better. But anyway, just like telling jokes, it depends on how you deliever them


Looking for more cheesy lines? You can check out this page for a collection of these lines.

Pinoy Cheesy Lines

Pinoy Cheesy Lines



Nov 08

Hello world!

Welcome to Pinoy Publishers!

This is a website that aims to promote creative Filipino works either  in blogging, photography, or website publishing. We also would like to help educate others on how to earn money online.

We hope we could bring you information from our site.