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Apr 18

Happy Earth Day to you, Happy B-earth day to me!


I’m not kidding! It’s not April Fool’s Day. Just congratulate me on my Birthday. It is on Earth Day. What is Earth Day anyway? This is a special day in April dedicated to Mother Earth. It is some kind of Mother’s Day for her. Why do we call the Earth Mother and not Father? It is because we call Nature Mother and Nature = Earth. Earth Day was first established in 1970 but it was only in 2003 that the American Chemists Society joined in. Since then, it is part of the movement called Chemists Celebrate Earth Day, in short. CCED.

The purpose of this event is to raise awarenes to the public about the urgency of protecting the environment, promoting recycling, using clean chemicals in our daily lives and other related measures to maintain the quality of our life and the air we breathe.

I did not divulge the exact date of my birthday but later on, you will find out when my birthday is. Just hang on there and try to enjoy reading this lens. Don’t ever take a peek at the bottom.

In my original intro photo, the Earth looks like a marble and the Arabian Peninsula is clearly visible from outer space but I had to replace it with this black and white photo to avoid mistaken identity. Another lensmaster used the same photo. My new intro photo is even better because the the earth was caught on camera rising, just not sure which direction…east? west? south? north? of the moon.

Nov 16


CAUTION: Warning! Put the Cursor at the beginning of the pink-area, left-hand click then drag the Cursor over the pink block to expose the so-called spoiler or the blog contents.(Don’t forget to see the photo at the bottom of this Blog.)

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