Nov 20

When I meet my Lover


Koo Hye Sun – Janine Batungbakal/Annie

Kim Bum – Benjamin Roxas/Janine’s BestfriendLee Min Ho – Tyler James Marigal/TJ

Lee Hee Young – Mrs. Lea Madrigal/Business Woman/Mother of Tyler

Lee Min Jung – Stephannie Montero/ Close Friend of Tyler


Paano kung nakita mo na ang iyong love of your life at hindi mo namamalayan na kaharap mo na siya ngayon.? Ano gagawin niyo?

Author’s note

Sa second page pa yung Chapter 1… pacenxa na..

Aug 31

Random Quotes from Chalknot

History teaches that wars begin when governments believe the price of aggression is cheap.

Driven from every other corner of the earth, freedom of thought and the right of private judgment in matters of conscience direct their course to this happy country as their last resort.

You will have to live rest of your life by knowing how my face looks. Will never block you because I do not want you to forget me ever.

I wake each morning torn between the desire to improve the world and the desire to enjoy it. It makes it hard to plan the day.

I do not want a friend who smiles when I smile, who weeps when I weep, for my shadow in the pool can do better than that.

Money doesn’t make you happy. I now have $50 million, but I was just as happy when I had $48 million.

The only thing that does not change is that at any and every time it appears that there have been ‘great changes.’

Everytime you complain something is hard to me, I will press my lips against yours and tell you, that wasn’t so hard. 🙂

I love you so much and even you know that. However everyone wants to seperate us and that is why we never could be together forever. I love you so much still.

Vistit for more love quotes, jokes and some typography from other contributors! We also cater tagalog love quotes from our Pinoy contributors so join the fun! 🙂

May 25

Friendship Quotes in Tagalog

Ang tunay na kaibigan ay hindi nagagalit kapag ininsulto mo. Sa halip ay mag-iisip sila ng mga mas nakaka-insultong salita na ibabato sayo.


Ang gusto kong mga KAIBIGAN yung malaREXONA, kasi alam kong they won’t let me down!


Pag CELLPHONE nalaglag makapag panic wagas! pero pag KAIBIGAN ang nalaglag makaTAWA parang wala ng BUKAS!!!


Nakatutuwang isipin na meron mga taong hindi nagsasawang makasama ka kahit hindi naman sa lahat ng pagkakataon mabait ka.


“Di baleng magkaroon ng kaibigang MAGULO. Atleast TOTOO. Hindi yung kaibagang akala mo’y SANTO. Yun pala DEMONYO.”


Ang tunay na kaibigan, magalit man hindi nang bubunyag ng sekreto.


Ang tunay na kaibigan kahit busog yan, pag nang libre ka kakain at kakain yan.


“Ang tunay na kaibigan, mamahalin ka sa oras na nakalimutan mong mahalin ang sarili mo.”


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May 13

Utos ng Hari

Ang kwentong ito ay sinulat ni Jun Cruz Reyes, isang Pilipinong manunulat. Utos ng Hari

Ito ay isang maikling kwento tungkol sa isang estudyanteng pinapahirapan ng kanyang mga propesor. Dito makikita ang halimbawa ng pag abuso sa kapangyarihan.Dito rin inilalahad ang sama ng loob ng bida na parang sa isang diary.

Naisip ko itong ipost para reference nalang at pang inspire din ng mga gustong magsulat ng magagandang kwento lalo na yung meron POV. Sana magustuhan ninyo ito dahil isa ito sa mga nagustuhan kong kwento. Nabasa ko lang ito sa textbook namin nung highschool pero pang college ang kwento nito

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Apr 19



it fills me.


is my happiness.


is my light.

Solitary Confinement,

is my world.


is my bestfriend.


keeps me real.


makes me whole.


is my life.


represents my heart.


is what you’ve named me.


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Apr 18

Happy Earth Day to you, Happy B-earth day to me!

I’m not kidding! It’s not April Fool’s Day. Just congratulate me on my Birthday. It is on Earth Day. What is Earth Day anyway? This is a special day in April dedicated to Mother Earth. It is some kind of Mother’s Day for her. Why do we call the Earth Mother and not Father? It is because we call Nature Mother and Nature = Earth. Earth Day was first established in 1970 but it was only in 2003 that the American Chemists Society joined in. Since then, it is part of the movement called Chemists Celebrate Earth Day, in short. CCED.

The purpose of this event is to raise awarenes to the public about the urgency of protecting the environment, promoting recycling, using clean chemicals in our daily lives and other related measures to maintain the quality of our life and the air we breathe.

I did not divulge the exact date of my birthday but later on, you will find out when my birthday is. Just hang on there and try to enjoy reading this lens. Don’t ever take a peek at the bottom.

In my original intro photo, the Earth looks like a marble and the Arabian Peninsula is clearly visible from outer space but I had to replace it with this black and white photo to avoid mistaken identity. Another lensmaster used the same photo. My new intro photo is even better because the the earth was caught on camera rising, just not sure which direction…east? west? south? north? of the moon.